The API is implemented as a REST API and the technical protocol is Open Data Protocol (OData). This means that you can use standard HTTP methods (for example, the GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE methods) to call the API.

The OData API is structured along a number of entities that represent the business objects of the erp system. Each entity (resource) is specified by a number of properties, to which filtering options can also be applied.

You can address the collection of entries or a single entry within a collection.

How the entities are related to each other is described in the entity data model. This model also provides information on how to navigate between entities using the API.


For more information about the programming model and how the HTTP methods and query options work in detail, see .

OData specification version 4.0 is supported.

ODATA Service Root

The API service root for the current instance is:

Each API query starts with this service root. For example:$top=10


You can find the domain API documentation at:

API Reference for current database. Includes custom properties and calculated attributes specific for


** The currently executed query is present in the address bar of the browser so a link to the query can be copied and shared.